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The property deals that are highlighted at our monthly events can be found here for a few days afterwards before they are taken down – so take action if you are interested in following up the opportunities presented..!

Looking ahead, you can of course present your own deals, so why not grab the opportunity….

The deadline to present your deals at our next Surrey Property Exchange event on Monday 12 February (Max 2 deals per person) is Friday 9 February.  There is no charge for this service but you do have to meet the time deadline for info and attend next month’s event in order to promote any property deal you would like us to highlight for you that evening and to post on this website for 72 hours afterwards. We need 2 PowerPoint slides please, to include an external photo of the property and a text of the key points concerning the deal. Missing the time deadline or no attendance means no opportunity on the night and no listing afterwards..!

Contact point for your “Hot Deals” is Claire Williams on 07533 818415 / claire@apollopropertyprojects.com

Important Note
Please note that Surrey Property Exchange takes no responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of the information provided and has no connection or financial involvement in these deals.  This is a promotional platform opportunity provided for any visitors to this site, with the property deals generated by attendees of the Surrey Property Exchange. Please make contact direct with the person concerned regarding any of the properties listed.