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Our next event is on Monday 8 May and we have another terrific evening lined up ..! Capital Allowance expert, Arthur Kemp, is our main speaker and he will outline to us all the opportunities being missed by not claiming the funds centrally available for our HMOs, serviced apartments, build projects – and even such things as Japanese Knotweed!

Our second speaker is Lisa Oliver, who will continue our theme where regular attendees of our event give us an insight into real live deals they are doing locally.

We will also have an extended Deal Clinic at the start of the evening and we hope to have some Hot Deals on offer as well.

The Surrey Property Exchange has something to offer everyone each month – whether you are new to the business, an experienced investor or landlord, or a professional expert. Property is not just about bricks and mortar, it’s a people business and the more people you can connect with, the quicker success will come to you.We look forward to you joining us at the Guildford Holiday Inn – take action and book beforehand to secure your place.

Would you like to bring a family member, friend or business associate to the event for the first time? Just drop us a line at the email address below and they can come for FREE!! info@surreypropertyexchange.co.uk     Please contact us on 07894 645181 if you have any urgent questions or queries.

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